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School-Based Occupational Therapy

by DanWaldronOT

  • School closures, self-isolation and occupational deprivation

    March 16, 2020 by

    Occupational Deprivation: being precluded from participating in activities that are important to us due to reasons outside our control. We’re living through strange and unprecedented times. The latest government advice on Coronavirus will mean greater social distancing and more pupils and families being asked to self-isolate. And with school closures seemingly inevitably on the horizon,… Read more

  • Sensory Processing: Theory and Classroom Strategies

    September 23, 2019 by

    We’re all familiar with our five main senses: touch, taste, smell, sound and sight. But, when we talk about sensory processing, we have to introduce two other players: the vestibular sense and the proprioceptive sense. The Vestibular Sense: This is the messages our brain receives from the fluid in our ears, about whether our head… Read more

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